Industry types

The unique capabilities of H & H Orient Inc make it possible to offer different types of manufacturers different solutions.
Petrochemical Industry
Steel Industry
Medicine / Bio-technology / Electronic Engineering
The Power Industry
he Paper-Making/Textile Industry
Factory Affairs (air conditioning system)

For the bearing to do a variety of monitoring

H & H team are many patented technologies, bearings and operation of equipment to do the most efficient monitoring and evaluation.
Bearing monitoring
Bearing analysis
Vibration Severity
Vibration Analysis
CBM system plans

Equipment for data collection

H & H has the most professional measurement team, to do the most stringent diagnosis and analysis of the data gathered from the kinds of functioning equipment, and to provide the most professional of predictive maintenance plan for your losses to a minimum.

Professional planning ability to integrate

Through the the H & H professional ability to integrate, provide a highly efficient device management solution, from the point and the surface, comprehensive supervision, in addition to that reduce equipment malfunction stalled condition, but also effectively extend equipment maintenance cycle, so that customers have a high degree of stability, reliable and safe production environment.



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