If you want to improve the health condition of your equipment to increase its ROI, to reduce the risk of malfunction of important equipment, reduce the cost of enterprise asset management, efficiently increase overall equipment efficiency, or even become an enterprise with world-class performance, H & H Orient Inc is devoted to offer you the best solution according to your requirement.

Production equipment management solutions we offer may help the following roles:
To increase ROI
To continuously make stable profit
To make financial cycles healthy
2Business owner:
To fully utilize and ensure equipment investment
To satisfy legal and safety requirements
To obtain enough information to support decisions
To improve performance and competitiveness in the market
To reduce costs for operation, equipment maintenance, and stocks of parts
To explore potential production capacity and to increase production and income
To make performance management and job improvement mechanism efficient
4Equipment maintenance personnel
To maintain high readiness of equipment
To obtain standardized data analysis results and charts
To improve working efficiency and safety

The unique capabilities of H & H Orient Inc make it possible to offer different types of manufacturers different solutions

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry The petrochemical Industry has always been trying to improve process. However, the cost caused by shutting down machines is far more expensive than the profits made by manufacturing products. Therefore, the key to an enterprise's survival is to final the magical balance between cost and profit. With the professional ability of H & H Orient Inc to make integration, equipment management solutions of high efficiency are offered. From points to planes, total surveillance and management are conducted. Chances of equipment being shut down due to malfunctions are reduced, and the cycle of equipment maintenance is lengthened, so that customers' production environment can be more stable, more reliable, and safer.

Steel Industry

Steel IndustryBecause of extreme working temperature and un-sanity environment, steel smelting is a tough task under such circumstances. H&H has professional knowledge and integration ability to offer complete equipment status management solution. We also provide reliability and stability on equipment. By doing this, we can extend the maintenance period reasonably in order to avoid accidental machine shut down, save expensive equipment maintenance fee, lower the risk, provide save and reliable working environment.

Medicine / Bio-technology / Electronic Engineering

Electronic EngineeringClean Room is a standard equipment for high tech industry. It can control distribution of Particle and provide an anti-dust environment. H&H provides specialized software and hardware equipment for the monitoring system of different equipments in different building area. We provide high efficiency equipment management solution, that is, from each spot to a flat. This overall condition monitoring provides customer a high stable and reliable production environment.

The Power Industry

The Power IndustryThe integrated services and professional knowledge and technology of H & H Orient Inc can help customers from the power industry to improve performances of their equipment and extend their service cycles to reduce costs.

Thermal Power: The integrated services of H & H Orient Inc may help to extend duration in which a system can operate normally and increase productivity of equipment, so that customers can have their equipment operate normally under difficult working conditions, increase productivity and life of their equipment, reduce unnecessary power loss, and avoid costly maintenances or enormous loss caused by unexpected shutdown of machines.

Wind Power: The solutions provided by H & H Orient Inc efficiently extend service cycle of wind power equipment, reduce costs of part maintenance and replacement, and further carry out the goal of improving productivity. Also, unnecessary power loss during process of electric power generation can be avoided, so can derived-influences and malfunctions caused by problems with key parts.

The Paper-Making/Textile Industry

Textile IndustryIn special environments in the paper-making/textile industry, such as a textile mill, equipment is under huge stress and other destructive conditions. The equipment management solutions provided by H & H Orient Inc help to closely monitor operating status of production equipment with an early warning mechanism to improve readiness and reliability of equipment, actively reduce time of unexpected shutdown, and increase ROI in equipment and overall productivity.




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