Project Planning

With the increasing repair and installation costs of equipment, for an enterprise, the key to success is to make the best use every production machine within its limited life.

The planning of this task can be summarized into two ideas:
The first thing to do is to increase the liability of production machines to the maximum. Then, resources used to maintain equipment have to be maximized while reducing maintenance costs as must as possible.

This means that an enterprise will be able to achieve the longest machine operation time, reduce demands for parts and materials for maintenance, and reduce machine down time to the minimum. Through implementation of structured and well-defined equipment management plan and schedule, an enterprise's ROI can be directly shown in the production process later.

Therefore, asset health management has become an important strategy nowadays for enterprises to improve their competitiveness.

Through ISO standards and working models, cycling scientific management can be improved with PDCAB, reliability and availability of equipment can be continuously increased, helping customers to maintain their production quality and reduce their operational costs, so that they can become the most competitive providers in the industry.

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H&H Strategy Map

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