Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

H & H Orient Inc was founded in 1992. Its goal and mission is to become a professional technical service team in the fields of industrial maintenance and highly reliable machine maintenance. The focus is on equipment safety health management and development of organizational structure for production and maintenance for customers. Production resources are used in a way best fit the ideal. The company was founded by a group with over ten years of field experiences in rolling equipment quality maintenance. The direction of development is “improving maintenance management strategies of industries, reducing costs, and increasing reliability of planned production”.

In the aspect of industrial monitoring and diagnosing devices, in order to reach the goal of “improving maintenance management strategies of industries, reducing costs, and increasing reliability of planned production”, advanced equipment safety health management knowledge and devices were introduced. With years of experiences in equipment maintenance and planning, the company has become the partner of many leading enterprises in the industries in Taiwan.


In the aspect of stairlifts, we are the exclusive agent of Stannah Stairlifts Limited. We are in charge of the sales and services of Stannah stairlifts in Taiwan. The headquarters of Stannah is located in UK. The history of the company can go back to the 1860s. Back then, Joseph Stannah, the founder of the Stannah Group, started his business by manufacturing cranes and hoists. Then he used his experiences in cranes and hoists to manufacture elevators, which was called “moving rooms” at that time.


Stannah is also one of the highly respected elevator companies in UK. It is the leading company in guest elevators, apron elevators, and freight elevators in short and medium buildings, and also the largest designer and manufacturer of stairlifts. Its stairlifts have been sold to over 40 countries around the world. And it had won the “Queen's Award for Export Achievement” three times.


H & H Orient Inc has been trying hard to become the first choice in the field of modern maintenance strategies and professional machine monitoring and diagnosing services for 24-hour industries. It focuses on equipment safety health management and development of the best model of production and maintenance for customers, achieving the goal of “wherever there is a machine running, there is H & H Orient Inc”.

Other Equipment Safety Health Management
H & H Orient Inc also provides customers other services for asset health management:
  • Equipment acceptance and equipment-malfunction diagnosis
  • Equipment condition improvement
    • - Online balancing
    • - Laser alignment
    • - Periodical testing
  • Personnel training and case analysis
  • Equipment health condition assessment for plants
  • Equipment reliability and effectiveness analysis
  • Monitoring and diagnosing system maintenance and adjustment
H & H Orient Inc sees things from the aspect of customer service. The direction of development is professional consultation, providing the best and complete services for customers from different types of industries and implementing CBM system plans into plants with the following contents:
  • CBM implementation project review and objective management
  • Equipment importance and risk assessment for failure mode
  • Equipment health condition analysis
  • Monitoring technology and related equipment selection
  • Positioning of monitoring points and guidance for construction
  • Training course planning
  • Setting up initial values and warning criterion for all kinds of monitoring technologies
  • Building a database for equipment monitoring
  • Planning for periodical inspection and routs
  • Online monitoring system planning, design, construction, testing, and acceptance



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