Complete innovation
In a challenging industry, the only thing that never changes is the fact that things change. The staffs of H & H Orient Inc created the working model of “market as orientation, customers as center, and benefits as target” through omni-bearing, deep, and long-lasting ideal of innovation, to gradually construct systems for enterprises, turn external market pressure into internal strength for the team to learn, continuously improve the learning ability of the team, and increase enterprises core competitiveness.


Being honest and practical
The performance and reputation of H & H Orient Inc have been outstanding for its understanding of enterprises’ basic characteristics and practical attitude toward business management. Being honest and practical is our tradition, the cultural gene of enterprises, and precious mental wealth. Following this rule, we discipline ourselves and doing our best to create better efficiency, pursuing brilliance in stable management.


Based on people
Through humanistic management philosophy and method, H & H Orient Inc created a complete management system to continuously improve the team’s quality and abilities, to implement the idea of being based on people. In every aspect, the center must be customers. With the ideal of “customer first, providing service wholeheartedly”, we put in efforts to satisfy customers with high-quality services. It is expected that with the continuous improvement of customer and employee satisfaction, the company can become a sustainable, outstanding, and satisfying enterprise.


Creating values together
The only way for the enterprise to grow is to continuously create values, offer more good services, and help customers to face more challenges related to equipment management. It is expected that, by working together, the spirit of creating values can be carried out, so that the internal team and the external industrial value chain can be consistent, and focus can be on the development of our own core abilities. By introducing the foreign ideal of systematic overall equipment maintenance and training courses, along with rich experiences from the team, we can broadly work with our customers under the premise of extending industrial value chain and satisfying various customer requirements, to make cooperative development and reach a win-win or a win-win-win situation.

The core value of H & H Orient Inc:
Complete innovation, being honest and practical, based on people, and creating values together



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